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Yu-Gi-Oh! Basics: End Phase

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Basics: End Phase Empty Yu-Gi-Oh! Basics: End Phase

Post  D.D. Eatos on Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:11 am

The End Phase is the final phase in a Player's turn and it is almost unskippable. The only way to skip a Player's End Phase is to skip the entire turn altogether. How the End Phase works is mostly about priority.


If 2 or more effects that have the text "At the Start/During the End Phase ...", they do not chain to each other in the End Phase. Chains can exist during the End Phase only if either player chain a(n) cards/effects to the effect directly.
Player 1 has a Yubel the Terror Incarnate on the field and a T.G. Warwolf that was destroyed during the same turn)
(Player 2 has a Stardust Dragon on the Field. It is Player 1's End Phase.

Even though both Yubel the Terror Incarnate's Effect and T.G. Warwolf's Effect occur during the same End Phase, their effects do not start a chain (not even if you want them to) instead cards/effects must be directly chained to them. So Player 2 can chain Stardust Dragon's Effect to Yubel the Terror Incarnate's Effect and resolve normally.


The hardest part to explain about the card game in general... If you recall from the Priority topic, Priority is the player's right to activate a card/resolve. During the End Phase you have the decision to resolve any effects you want in the order you choose, if the card has the text "At the start of/During the End Phase..." in separate chain links.

If you pass priority to your opponent, they have a decision to resolve an effect on their side of the field or pass their priority back to yourself. If they have 2 or more effects that can activate during the End Phase, they can only resolve 1 effect at a time, until Priority is passed back to them by the turn player.

If you are about to resolve the effect of a monster with a "During the End Phase.... you can..." text, you can pass priority once for that effect, and then when it comes back to resolving the effect, if you pass it again, you no longer get the effect. This applies to monsters like T.G. Warwolf.

If you pass priority when resolving a Trigger Effect WITHOUT the text, "During the End Phase.... you can...", then you can no longer resolve the effect. This applies to monsters like Elemental HERO - Stratos.


When cards that occur during the End Phase are resolving, it depends on the controller's of the cards in the order they want to resolve them.

Lets take the same setup from the example above.

Since Player 1 has 2 cards that resolve during the End Phase (Yubel the Terror Incarnate and T.G. Warwolf), he/she can decide which effect resolves first. He/She can either first add a T.G. monster by the effect of T.G. Warwolf then destroy all other monsters on the Field by the effect of Yubel the Terror Incarnate, or vice versa; all in their own individual chain links.


Vs. Negated Effect(s)

If a monster is being affected by any of the following cards listed above and during the End Phase that monster's effect is resolving (ex. Lightsworns), it will depend on the controller of Effect Veiler/Forbidden Chalice/Breakthrough Skill/etc. to decide when it's effects will resolve.

Lets say the Turn Player's Lumina the Lightsworn Summoner is affected by the Opponent's Breakthrough Skill. During the End Phase, the Turn Player has priority to resolve Lumina The Lightsworn Summoner's negated effect or pass priority to the opponent. If the opponent choses NOT to resolve Effect Veiler and returns priority to the Turn Player, then Lumina the Lightsworn must resolve with its effect negated and mill no cards.

Vs. Change Control

Let's say the Turn Player use Mind Control on a Wind-Up Zenmaines his/her Opponent controls after it detached an Xyz Material the same turn. During the End Phase, since Wind-Up Zenmaines is under the control of the Turn Player, he/she can decide to resolve Wind-Up Zenmaines effect and destroy a card on his/her Opponent's side of the Field or return Wind-Up Zenmaines to his/her opponent. If the Turn Player returns the Wind-Up Zenmaines and (assuming the Turn Player has no other cards to resolve or passed Priority) the opponent will resolve Wind-Up Zenmaine's effect and destroy one card on the Turn Player's field.


You discard cards in your hand, when both players no longer have any cards left to resolve.

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