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New Testing Rubric

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New Testing Rubric Empty New Testing Rubric

Post  {HeartlessX} scscorpio on Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:49 am

You must be tested to participate in every DRA Event. Here is the Testing System for our Academy(the test will be a match(2/3) duel):
Banned Decks- Teir 1, burn, stall, otk, ftk.

Deck Construction : ?/10
Number of cards: ?/2 (40-42 cards gives 2/2, 42-45 gives 1/2 and 45+ 0/2)
The Deck Build: ?/8
If using meta deck in the duel without own side tech etc -2

Concentration: ?/8
For every misplay and forgetting card effect gives -2
Example: Forgetting to add a T.G. monster to your hand at the end phase of the turn his/her T.G monster was killed. That gives -2 but tester wont mention it. But remember if you make more than 2 mistakes you're gonna get -2 points, still. That means your concentration score can be -4/8

Rulings: ?/10
Ask you're tester to give you the ruling test from Testmoz.com. If the tester, does not have the link to the test, then he/she was not allowed to test you. If you share any questions from the ruling test you will be moved down a dorm and given 1 warning.

Skills : ?/20(Skill sum will be Good use of cards + Control of the duel + Siding skills)
Good use of card: ?/7
Control of the duel: ?/7
Siding skills: ?/6
When tester asks if you sided and you say no then that will be automatically 0/5. Also Tester must ask what cards Testee sided in after the duel and Testee must give side deck picture for proof.

Result of the Duel :?/4
- winning 2-0 : gives him/her 4/4
- winning 2-1 : gives him/her 2/4
- losing 1-2 : gives him/her 0/4
- losing 0-2 : gives him/her -2/4

Total ??/52

Slifer: 0-33
RA: 34-44
Obelisk: 45 or more

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New Testing Rubric 132233186614376

New Testing Rubric Sig10

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New Testing Rubric Empty Re: New Testing Rubric

Post  D.D. Eatos on Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:53 am

Ok guys, I believe there is an Issue. After reviewing the test, I've noticed you guys have been doing to rubric wrong. Idk how the original result became out of 72 but it should be smaller. Red is the total score, and the other Scores below are part of the total Score.

Deck Construction: ?/10
Deck Build: ?/8
Size: ?/2

Deck Build and Size all adds up into Deck Constructions ?/10. It's not 20 points. I'm just pointing out incase the grading is wrong.

Rubric Edited

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