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Thunder King Rai-Oh Ruling

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Thunder King Rai-Oh Ruling Empty Thunder King Rai-Oh Ruling

Post  D.D. Eatos on Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:54 pm

Thunder King Rai-Oh Ruling ThunderKingRaiOh-TF04-JP-VG
Card Name: Thunder King Rai-Oh

Attribute: Light

Level: **** (4)

Card Type: Thunder/Effect - Continuous/Quick (Trigger-Like)

Attack: 1900  Defense: 800

Condition: None

Card Effect Cost(s): (Effect 2) Tribute itself to the Graveyard

Does This Effect Target: No

Text: Neither player can add cards from their Deck to their hand except by drawing them. During either player's turn, when your opponent would Special Summon a monster: You can send this face-up card to the Graveyard; negate the Special Summon and destroy it.


    *Thunder King Rai-Oh can only negate inherit special summons(ex. Cyber Dragon) not effects that special summon(ex Monster Reborn).

    Link to Inherent and Effect Special Summons: http://yugioh-universe.findforum.net/t272-inherent-summon-vs-effect-summon

    *A Semi-Nomi monster negated and destroyed by Thunder King Rai-Oh cannot be special summoned from the grave by a card effect.

Link to Nomi and Semi-Nomi: http://yugioh-universe.findforum.net/t5-nomi-vs-semi-nomi

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